Every Girl's Dream Dolls House.

Build a Doll's House

Just follow the simple steps and you can also make your own doll's house.

What you need :

  • 1 . wood
  • 2 . nail and hammer or nail gun
  • 3 . mackktack or old wall paper
  • 4 . dollar store night lights (optional)
  • 5 . saw or jack knife (only for thin wood)
  • 6 . small ladder (such as one from a bird cage)

1 . Get your materials. A hard material like wood would be best.

2 . Cut two pieces of wood the same size. These will be the sides of your house.

3 . Measure how big in width you want the bottom of the doll house to be. Put the two already cut sides aside until you',ve got the size you want.

4 . Put the bottom and top on the two sides by nailing them together. Do this on both sides so that you have a box shape with no face or backing.

5 . Cut your face out of the wood. Put your box on top of the wood where the part with no wood is touching the cutting piece. Then you will have the perfect space for your house.

6 . Cut another piece that is sort of like a shelf. Put this in the middle of the box. Be sure that there is a little hole in this shelf where you can put a ladder so the dolls can get up and down the stairs.

7 . Put mack-tack in the inside of the house as wall-paper. You may be able to use extra kitchen tiles for the floor.

8 . If you need some extra light in the house, cut holes in the back part in the box and buy those little lights from the dollar store with the mini light bulbs. You may need an extension cord for this though.

9 . Start putting your doll furniture in the house and enjoy!

Caution : Don',t do this alone if you',re a kid, you could get in deep trouble with your parents and plus you wouldn',t want to hurt yourself.